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12 Way Three Phase Distribution Board

12 Way Three Phase Distribution Board

12 Way Three Phase Distribution Board is where the electrical supply is distributed from within the building. The main supply cable comes into the board and is then distributed to the breakers and from there to all the circuits, e.g. lights, plugs. Power comes to your home from the utility company's lines (collectively called the service entrance).
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Product Specification
Name 12 Way Three Phase Distribution Board
Model No. V16MCCB-12/H
Number Of Ways MCCB+12
Sub Incomer MCCB
Incomer MCB
Installation Surface Mounted
Rated Voltage 400V~
Current Rating 125A
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Trade Mark JUNON /OEM
International Protection Rating IP30
Opening Way MAX 120°
Package 1 PCS/CTN

The Breaker Into the TP&N Distribution Box
Most TP&N Distribution Box have two vertical rows of breakers. Above (or sometimes below) the rows is a large breaker called the main breaker. This breaker controls the power to all of the other breakers. If you switch off the main breaker, you turn off all the circuits in the house at once. However, this does not mean the panel is not energized. The lugs that connect to the service lines remain energized whether the main breaker is on or off. That's why you should never remove the dead front cover or go poking around inside a circuit breaker panel. The main breaker is marked with the value of protection (such as 100 or 200 amps) on the breaker lever. The breakers in the two rows are primarily for branch circuits. These include the 15-amp circuits that feed the regular lighting and outlet circuits and the 20-amp circuits that supply outlets in the kitchen, garage, and other areas, as well as some appliances.

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