Cooler Switch|Where is the refrigerator switch

I believe that everyone should have refrigerators at home. Each refrigerator has several switches, so where are those switches? What is the use?/There are generally three switches in the refrigerator, namely the temperature control switch, the compensation switch, and the refrigerator lighting switch. The temperature control switch is used to adjust and set the cooling temperature. Compensation switch, when the indoor temperature is too low, the refrigerator does not start to melt the food, turn on this switch so that the thermostat can start and stop normally. It also has a refrigerated lighting switch, which automatically turns on and off as the door is opened.
The switch of the old-fashioned mechanical temperature-controlled refrigerator is the temperature control knob in the refrigerator compartment. You only need to turn the knob to 0 to close, and 1 or above to open. In addition to the knob design, there are also some mechanical The temperature-controlled refrigerators use buttons to select the gear. Unlike computer temperature control, they cannot adjust the specific temperature; in addition to the gear, there is a switch in winter, in order to prevent the compressor from being shut down for a long time when the temperature is low in winter, causing food spoil;
Now the refrigerators that use computer-based temperature control do not have switches on the panel. If it is a power switch, it is usually set on the back of the refrigerator. The detailed location is different for different brands of refrigerators. For details, please refer to the product manual; computer room temperature control The refrigerator generally has a control panel on the door. We only need to set the temperature for the refrigerator compartment and the changing room freezer according to the amount of food.

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