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2 Pole Circuit Breaker Box

2 Pole Circuit Breaker Box

Model No.: JMM-263C
Breaking Capacity: 6KA
MOQ: 5000 poles
Payment terms: T/T, L/C

2 Pole Circuit Breaker


What is a 2 Pole Circuit Breaker?

Double-pole breakers have two hot wires that are connected by a single neutral wire. That means if there's a short circuit on either of the poles' hot wires, both trip. These breakers can be used to serve two separate 120-volt circuits or they can serve a single 240-volt circuit, such as your central AC's circuit.


Product Images:




Circuit Breaker



Number of Poles


Current Rating

63A ( from 6A to 63A are available)

Tripping Characteristics

Type C

Rated AC Voltage


Breaking Capacity



Product Details:

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: JUNON

Certification: CE, CCC etc.

Model Number: JMM-263C


Payment & Shipping Terms:

MOQ: 5000 poles.

Price: reasonable

Packaging: standard in carton box


Delivery Time: 30~45 days

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union

Supply Ability: 100,000 pcs/month



JUNON Electric Original Made In China

Miniature Circuit Breakers up to 100 A



Product standard: GB10963.1/IEC 60898
Product Certification: CCC, CE, CCS, RoHS, ect.
Product poles: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
Tripping curve: B/C/D
Breaking capacity: 6kA
Rated current: 6~100A
Base temperature: 30 ° C
Use ambient temperature: -30 ° C ~ +70 ° C
Mechanical life: 20000


Modular product
1. Each module is unified to a width of 9mm, which is simplified to simple
2. Tunnel terminal block
Make the wire easy to be put into the correct position, the wire is crimped more firmly, and the terminal

heat and product damage caused by poor contact caused by the virtual connection are prevented.
3. Bistable locking clip
Easy to install on DIN international standard rails without special installation.

It can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the track as needed without affecting its performance.
4. Thermoplastic casing
Strong impact resistance
5. Materials comply with CE, CCC
Fully meet the domestic use and equipment export of OEM users.



It is suitable for OEM protection of various industrial equipment and industrial control cabinets,

and is not suitable for the protection of low-voltage distribution systems in the construction field.


Additional Information

Network Type


Network frequency


Rated working voltage

230V AC 50Hz

Trip unit type

Thermal magnetic

Breaking capacity

6 kA

Installation type

Snap lock

Installation method

Din rail mounting


Body: white

Handle: black

PS: Can you use a
2 pole breaker as a single pole?

No problem as long as the double pole breaker is the same rating as the single pole breaker. 20 amp 240 volt substitute for 20 amp 120 volt. Just use one side of the breaker. Remember this is temporary and needs to be corrected.


JUNON company not only has the 2 Pole Circuit Breaker, also has ELCB, distribution box, LED lights and our main products – switches and sockets. Welcome to visit our website or contact us directly for more information. We are waiting for your contacts!



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