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wifi wall socket | wifi wall switch

wifi wall socket | wifi wall switch

Series: P series
Product Name: wifi wall switch
Brand Name: JUNON
Specification: 5V 2A
Color: White + Platinum
Product Dimension: 86*86mm
"wifi wall switch" the wireless route that can be installed on the wall, a wireless route that can consider certainly to living in villa type, its collect is practical, beautiful, adornment at an organic whole

Series: P series
Product Name: wifi wall switch
Brand Name: JUNON
Specification: 5V 2A
Color: White + Platinum
Product Dimension: 86*86mm

Quick Details
Place of Origin: China
Minimum order quantity: 3000pcs
Delivery time: 30-45days
Quality guarantee period: 3 years
Payment term: FOB, CIF
Payment condition: TT / LC
Packaging: 10 pieces/box , 10 boxes/carton
Port: Leliu, Shunde, China

Working principle
In the category of wireless LAN, wireless network refers to "wireless compatibility authentication", which is essentially a kind of commercial authentication and also a kind of wireless networking technology. In the past, computers were connected through network cable, while Wi-Fi was connected through radio waves.

A common one is a wireless router, so the effective range of the radio coverage of this wireless router can be connected to the Internet by means of Wi-Fi connection. If the wireless router is connected to an ADSL line or other Internet access line, it is also known as a hotspot.

Product picture

Using the environment:

The “wifi wall switch " is built into the wall, takes up no space and the signal strength depends on how far the device you are using is from the router. In the market evaluation is very high, the product price affordable, corrosion resistance, novel and beautiful style, light, good thermal insulation performance, pressure resistance, long service life, stand the test of time and not easy to be eliminated.

wifi wall switch features are:
1. Direct access to ac 100~220V power supply, no additional power supply is required.
2. Equipped with the world's top antenna, super signal, wider coverage and stronger penetration.
3. 5V 150MA USB power output can be used to charge most mobile phones, tablets and other devices.
4, support LAN port output, wired, wireless network optional choice.
5 support 3G network card insertion, compatible with the mainstream 3G network card.
6. USB interface can be inserted into U disk and portable hard disk to realize data sharing.
7. Hardware WPS, WIFI switch design, easy password protection and WIFI signal on or off.
8. Convenient mid-dimensional function, which can greatly extend the WIFI distance and save a lot of network wiring.

Quality Control

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wifi wall socket

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