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Is The Color And Temperature Of Your Led Downlight Right?

Is The Color And Temperature Of Your Led Downlight Right?

Is the color and temperature of your led downlight right?


Do you think the lights in your home should be bright enough? Just a nice light? In fact, if the color temperature of the light is ignored, the aesthetic feeling and comfort will also disappear!

Color temperature reference of each area of the home:

a living room

The living room is the longest place for everyone except the bedroom. It is the core of the family's activities and the place for hospitality. It is suggested that the light source with low color temperature (about 2500k-3500k) be used in the living room, which helps to show the gorgeous and warm atmosphere. Need to pay attention to is, for the living room of many kinds of lights, in terms of color temperature should be unified, it seems to be able to coordinate. For example, if the living room led downlight uses 3000K warm color temperature, then ceiling lamp, lamp belt, wall lamp and desk lamp should also choose 2700k-3000k warm color temperature.

dining room

The light source of dining room can choose gentle warm color temperature, stimulate appetite at the same time do not lose sentiment. In addition, pay attention to the color rendering index of dining room lamps, and the light with high color rendering index is more suitable for the color of food!


I'd like to share with you a personal experience. In the past, the positive white light color temperature of LED downlights in the bedroom was "OK", but there was always a sense of violation. Especially in winter, lying in the white room, cold from the heart. Recently, it's changed to 2700k warm color temperature. Suddenly, I feel more comfortable and more warm. Lying in bed is as comfortable as lying in a five-star hotel!

It can be seen that the bedroom with low color temperature is obviously more suitable (about 2500K-2700K), light color orange, warm and comfortable, a kind of relaxing feeling.


The light source with neutral color temperature (4000k-4500k) is recommended in the study. In this small space with white and black words, positive white light helps to keep a clear mind, concentrate and improve efficiency.


The color temperature of the toilet should be neutral (4000k-4500k positive white light), and the color rendering index should be high (RA ≥ 90). The reason why we choose white light is that the color temperature close to sunlight will make it easier for people to make up. If the use of warm color temperature light source, it is easy to produce "color difference", causing embarrassment.


Balcony is also the place that needs lamps and lanterns to set, it is OK to choose warm color temperature and positive white light, it is suggested that the lamps and lanterns color temperature in the living room should be unified, and the vision will be more unified and harmonious.

In the selection of household lamps, the color temperature range of black diamond series LED downlights is very wide, between 2200k-6000k, and special color temperature can be customized according to the demand. On the other hand, the color tolerance of black diamond series LED downlights is within 5 SDCM, which meets the standard and can create excellent temperature and accurate light output.