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Metal Switch Boxes

Metal Switch Boxes

Item Code: V16MCB/2X13
Ways: 26
Mounting way: Flush / Surface
MOQ: 500 pcs
Payment: T/T
Single Phase and Neutral Sheet Steel, Powder Coated Double Door Metal Switch Boxes fitted with two covers, one screwed cover for incoming and outgoing for MCB and second for protection of MCBs, fitted with Bus Bar, Neutral Link, Earth Bar and Din Rail. Suitable for use on 240/415V, 50Hz supply

Product View:

Product Features:
Product ID: V16MCB/2X13
Brand Name: JUNON
Type: Double Door
Number of Way: 26
Number of Row: 2
Material: Metal
Product Name: Metal Switch Boxes
Sales Package: one
Mounting Type: Flush Mounted (or Surface mounted)
Amperage Rating: 16 A
Voltage Rating: 220 V
Frequency Rating: 50 Hz
Compatible Phase: Single Phase
Board Material: Steel
Color: White

Full Range Family Member:
Model Number Dimension / MM Carton size/ MM QTY/ CTN
DX16-A113 385*305*118 395*125*315 1
DX16-A213 385*410*118 395*125*420 1
DX16-A313 385*560*118 570*125*395 1
DX16-A413 385*710*118 720*125*395 1
DX16-A513 385*860*118 870*125*395 1
DX16-A118 505*305*118 515*125*315 1
DX16-A218 505*440*118 515*125*450 1
DX16-A318 505*620*118 630*125*515 1
DX16-A418 505*810*118 820*125*515 1
DX16-A518 505*980*118 990*125*515 1
Other Features  

User friendly, JUNON V16 series metal switch boxes designed available in DX series Distribution Systems in 13 ways to 90 ways. SPN & TPN Versions in Single / Double Door.
DBs available with cement guard. Bus Bar rating up to 100Amp of tinned copper, fully insulated.
Fitted with DIN channel, Bus Bar, Neutral Link Bar, Earth Bar, Inter connecting cables with copper thimble.
Complete range of DBs with Double punched knockout to facilitate different size cable glands. TPN DBs fitted with detachable gland plates.
Double Door DBs in Surface / flush mounted design. Special DBs for projects also available.

How to Buy ?
Visit our website or showroom, email or call to buy the electrical substation.

Besides the metal switch boxes, JUNON distribution box has its big family group, we also have plastic boxes, from small sizes to big sizes, full range supply. Customized switch boxes also welcome.
metal switch boxes

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