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26 Way Distribution Board

Power Distribution Box

Item Code No.: SX8-A26TWB
MOQ: 500 pcs
Standard: IEC standard

MCB DISTRIBUTION BOARD|mcb electrical distribution board

Model No.: V16MCB-2X13
Material: Iron sheet
MOQ: 500 pcs
Payment Terms: T/T

Metal Switch Boxes

Item Code: V16MCB/2X13
Ways: 26
Mounting way: Flush / Surface
MOQ: 500 pcs
Payment: T/T

Plastic Switch Boxes

Model No.: C6-A36SWB/H/E
MOQ: 500 pcs
Brand: JUNON
Payment Terms: T/T

home distribution box | 220V Distribution Box

Basic Information:
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Product Name: 220V Distribution Box     
Product Code: DX16-A113
Series: V16 series
Shell Material: Steel Plate
Base Material: Cold Rolled Steel Plate
Box Base Thickness: 1.0 mm
Application Range: Power Plants
Shell Protection Grade: IP 30
MOQ: 500 pcs
Payment Terms: T/T
Open Method: Left and Right
Installation: Flush/ Surface Mounting