2021 (Shunde) United Nations procurement business training was successfully held in Shunde

Today, jointly sponsored by China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products and Shunde economic and Technological Promotion Bureau 2021 (Shunde) United Nations procurement operations training successfully held in Shunde, JUNON Switch also sent their export sales manager to attend this training.

Promote the active participation of Shun enterprises in UN Procurement
Expand diversified foreign trade channels in the post epidemic Era

Leaders and guests including zhouxu, standing committee of Shunde District Committee, Zhang Jing, Deputy Secretary General of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of mechanical and electrical products, and heqijun, President of Shunde Council for the promotion of trade, attended the training meeting.

In a speech, the Standing Committee of Zhou Xu said that in the post epidemic era, Shunde's foreign trade has developed rapidly and the scale of trade has continued to expand.

The procurement representatives of major United Nations agencies and organizations will attend Shunde to guide Shunde in person, and train a group of international bid specialists who understand, can bid and win the bid for Shunde, which will greatly promote Shunde enterprises to develop the procurement business of the group government.

We hope that enterprises will actively participate in the UN Procurement, increase their international market operation capacity, and make use of multiple trade channels to continue to contribute to the high-quality development of foreign trade in the region.

In his speech, vice secretary general Zhang Jing said that the United Nations, as the largest international organization in the world, has to carry out a large number of procurement activities every year to maintain self-use, peacekeeping, humanitarian emergency rescue and development assistance.

In 2019, the total procurement of 39 UN agencies reached US $19.893 billion, but the Chinese goods suppliers won about 1.71 billion dollars in the United Nations procurement market, about $75million in services, accounting for 1.2% of the United Nations procurement. Many Chinese products were purchased by the United Nations through foreign agents.

We hope to help and promote Shunde and domestic enterprises to master the relevant rules and paths of UN Procurement, strengthen business exchanges with UN procurement agencies, participate in the global service actions of the United Nations and expand new international market development paths through today's training and exchanges.

It is reported that, after years of efforts, Shunde has more than 500 enterprises becoming registered suppliers of UN Procurement (among which, the enterprises have successfully obtained the United Nations purchase order), covering the industries of household appliances, electronics, furniture, clothing, machinery and coating. It has laid a solid foundation for improving the international market competitiveness of high-end products and optimizing the international trade structure.

At the training meeting, senior procurement officers and project officers of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United Nations project affairs agency (UNOPS), the World Food Programme (WFP) gathered together to explain the procurement situation of various United Nations agencies and guide enterprises to participate in the United Nations procurement.

Lu Ruiguang, the project officer of the United Nations project services agency, shared the United Nations procurement data report at the conference and introduced the progress of the preparation of the International Procurement Conference (IPS). He said that as the only United Nations specialized agency with procurement as its core task, the UN project affairs agency was pleased to see the attention and attention of Chinese government and enterprises to UN Procurement, and hoped that through this event, more local enterprises would be encouraged to participate directly in United Nations procurement.

Zheng Yujing of the United Nations development programme also gave a special interpretation of the daily and emergency procurement of UNDP, especially the procurement of epidemic prevention materials.

During the training, procurement officers of various United Nations agencies were also organized to discuss and answer questions in groups of representatives of participating enterprises, and the atmosphere was warm on the spot.