extension socket outlet | Brief | Introduction

The extension socket outlet is also called a row socket, a power outlet, a power extension socket, and a drag strip; the main function is to expand the number of wall sockets. Common sense of safety when using power strips: ·It is recommended to choose power strips with automatic power-off function, and use them within the allowable load range. ·The overload protection of the socket is current (ampere) instead of power ·After each automatic power-off of the overload protection switch, the inside of the line group will be damaged. As the number of power-offs increases, the protection function will gradually lose... .It is recommended to replace the socket in time after three automatic power failures. This is very important. Many people do not know this. ·Because the overload protection will not cut off the power when the total current reaches the rated current, but will trigger the protection device when the rated current exceeds the rated current.