Is the access control switch the same as the Door Bell Switch (what are the classifications of the doorbell switch)

1. The buttons for pressing the doorbell are divided into: mechanical type and touch type.
2. According to the displayed technology, it can be divided into: lamp bead type and LED backlight type.
3. According to the panel size, it is divided into 3360 standard 86 type and non-standard size type.
4. Battery-free wireless doorbell (passive wireless doorbell) Battery-free wireless doorbell means that the transmitter uses energy capture technology.
5. It can collect the energy when the user presses the doorbell button and convert it into electricity to drive the doorbell sounder to sound.
6. Its indoor unit, that is, the doorbell sounder, needs to be connected to the power supply.
7. The control signal generated by the doorbell button is transmitted through the wireless signal transmitter, and the wireless signal receiver of the indoor unit rings after receiving the wireless signal.
8. Second, the transmitter of ordinary wireless doorbell is powered by 12V battery.
9. The receiver is battery powered or connected to a power source.
10. The doorbell button transmits a wireless signal, and the wireless signal receiver of the indoor unit receives the wireless signal and then rings.
11. From the transmission content, it can be divided into wireless invisible doorbell and wireless video doorbell.
12. Three, wireless invisible doorbell The wireless invisible doorbell only transmits voice signals.