Matters needing attention when using the power distribution box

1. The construction power distribution system should be equipped with a general power distribution box, a power distribution box, and a switch box, and set them in a hierarchical manner in the order of "general-distribution-disconnection", and form a "three-level distribution" mode.

2. The installation positions of the distribution boxes and switch boxes of the construction power distribution system should be reasonable. The main power distribution box should be as close as possible to the transformer or external power source to facilitate the introduction of power source. The power distribution box should be installed as far as possible in the central area where the electrical equipment or the load is relatively concentrated to ensure that the three-phase load is balanced. The installation position of the switch box should be as close as possible to the electrical equipment controlled by it according to the site conditions and working conditions.

3. Ensure that the three-phase load balance of the temporary power distribution system is balanced. The power and lighting power at the construction site should form two power circuits, and the power distribution box and lighting distribution box should be set separately.

4. All electrical equipment at the construction site must have their own dedicated switch box.

5. The cabinets and internal settings of power distribution box at all levels must comply with safety regulations. Switch appliances should be marked with their purpose, and cabinets should be numbered uniformly. The power distribution box that is out of service should be cut off and the door of the box should be locked. The fixed distribution box should be fenced with rain-proof and anti-smashing measures.