Metal electrical enclosure box | Introduction | Enclosure Ratings

Metal electrical enclosure box is the external conductive part of the electrical appliance. For example: the metal shell of the washing machine, if the internal circuit of the washing machine is damaged, the shell will have a certain voltage, and people will get an electric shock if they touch it. After using the ground wire, the current will flow to the ground through the ground wire and will not apply voltage to the human body. The leakage protection switch used will disconnect the power supply of the washing machine, thus ensuring personal safety.
The technical content specified by the enclosure protection level (IP code) is mandatory, and the equipment enclosure quality standards must meet the design requirements and relevant national and industry standards. Before ordering the equipment, the supplier's production inspection capability and test equipment must be carefully reviewed. The similar goods provided by the supplier must pass the inspection of the national authoritative third-party shell protection level inspection agency and obtain the relevant inspection or certification certificate, so as to select a qualified equipment supplier. Before the equipment leaves the factory, in view of the limited ability to inspect the protection level of the construction site, it is possible to organize the inspection of the goods before they leave the factory, and move the inspection point of the incoming goods forward. The tests carried out in accordance with the regulations must be witnessed and confirmed by our personnel. Only when all the inspection items including the protection level test of the equipment shell are qualified, the packaging can be shipped.
The first characteristic number of the IP code indicates the degree of protection against access to dangerous parts and the entry of fixed foreign objects. It includes two meanings. One is to provide protection for people: the equipment enclosure prevents a part of the human body or a person holding an object from approaching the dangerous parts. The second is to provide protection for the equipment: the equipment casing is damaged by preventing the entry of solid foreign objects; the second characteristic number indicates the protection of the equipment casing against harmful effects on the equipment due to water ingress grade. The larger the number, the higher the protection level.