Things to pay attention to when choosing LED ceiling lights

The average service life of LED ceiling light with high-quality life is about 40,000 to 50,000 hours. They can be used for two to three years. They are dozens of times longer than ordinary energy-saving lamps and have very low energy consumption. They are the first choice for energy-saving lighting. The life span of inferior panel lights may be only a fraction or a fraction of that of high-quality products, and the light decay is severe.

Second than energy consumption. High-quality LED ceilings are energy-saving and energy-saving. The 5W of high-quality LED ceilings is equivalent to the 15W of ordinary energy-saving lamps. Compared with incandescent lamps (bulbs), high-quality LED ceiling light can save energy by 80%. Compared with halogen powder lamps, which are inferior energy-saving lamps we often call, they can save energy by 44%.

Three-comparison price LED ceiling light have different prices due to their different power sizes and differences in light and color levels. The price of high-quality LED ceiling light is generally higher, above 300 yuan, and the inferior products are rough in work and cheaper.

The high-quality LED ceiling lights of Sibi are made of high-power and high-brightness LEDs. The light source has high color rendering and strong brightness, and the illuminated objects are real, which can effectively protect the eyes; while the low-quality lights are mostly made of low-priced and poor-quality LEDs. The light source, its light color is blue, the color of the illuminated object is poor, the brightness is low, and the vision is blurred.