What is the difference between downlight and spotlight? | recessed spot light

Before explaining the difference, let us first understand what a downlight is and what is a spotlight. Downlight is a kind of lamp with stronger focus than ordinary lamps, generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. A spotlight is a highly focused light. Its exposure has specific goals and is mainly used for special lighting, such as highlighting a very interesting or innovative place.
   I will analyze the characteristics of these two lamps from the aspects of light source, application location, and price.

   1. The difference between light sources

   When the incandescent lamp is installed, it is yellow; when the CFL is installed, it can be white or yellow, depending on the type of bulb. The direction of the light source of the ceiling lamp cannot be adjusted. Ordinary household spotlights use quartz bulbs or bulbs. Of course, large spotlights do not necessarily use quartz bulbs. The quartz bulb has only yellow light.

   In addition, the direction of the light source can be adjusted freely.

   2. The difference in installation location

   Downlights are usually installed on the ceiling. Normally, the ceiling needs to exceed 150 mm before installation. Of course, downlights can also be obtained from outside. It is a good idea to install downlights where there are no pendant lights. The light is softer than a spotlight.

   Spotlights are usually divided into tracking, spotlights and recessed spotlights. Spotlights usually have transformers, but no transformers. Recessed spotlights can be installed on the ceiling. Spotlights are mainly used in places that need to be emphasized or displayed, such as TV walls, hanging pictures, decorations, etc., and can be polished to enhance the effect.

   3. The difference in price.

   At present, the price of small size is between 20 and 15 yuan, the price of medium size is between 28 and 32 yuan, and the price of large size is between 36 and 48 yuan. Of course, the above price does not include the light source. Downlights can be inserted horizontally or vertically, and the price of horizontal insertion is slightly higher than that of vertical insertion.
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