What is the difference between LED spotlights and LED downlights?

Compared with ordinary surface-mounted lamps, downlights are more concentrating, with more uniform light and no dark areas. They are suitable for basic lighting or auxiliary lighting, and are often used in aisles, bathrooms, and kitchens.
The spotlight is a highly concentrating lamp with a small beam angle, the light has a strong expressive force, the angle is flexible and adjustable, and a specific target can be specified. It is mainly used for special lighting, such as emphasizing a very tasteful or innovative place. It is often used to brighten decorative paintings, wardrobes, wine cabinets, cabinets, and bookcases.

Installation location varies
The direction of the light source of the ceiling downlight is generally not adjustable, and can only be fixed in one direction, which can evenly light up the application place. Most downlights are built in and show their presence only by light. Generally installed in the ceiling above 150mm above the ceiling, it is a good choice to install downlights in areas without ceiling lights or chandeliers.
The direction of the light source of the ceiling spotlight can be adjusted freely, and the angle can be adjusted according to the actual needs, focusing on the observation and highlighting the local area. Spotlights can generally be divided into track type, point hanging type and built-in type. If there is no ceiling for decoration, you need to choose ceiling spotlights, and the appearance of lamps and lanterns should match the style of home decoration. | led spotlight

The combination of tube and shoot can create a perfect lighting environment
The downlight provides comfortable and soft basic lighting for the family space, but it cannot express the personality and style of the owner.
Spotlights can emphasize or express the objects that the owner needs to focus on, such as TV walls, hanging pictures, accessories, etc., and can produce clean and clear light spots to enhance the effect. Only the ingenious combination of downlights and spotlights can create a bright and individual lighting environment.

When to Choose Spotlights
Many friends start to buy lamps after the basic decoration is completed. The purchase of lamps is the last step of home decoration. However, if you want to use downlights to create a perfect lighting atmosphere, it is recommended to start purchasing at the ceiling stage, and ensure that the installation is completed before cleaning to ensure the cleanliness of the house and the ceiling. |