Do you know what electric power switch is?

Electric power switch is to use the circuit to control the switch tube for high-speed channel on and off. It converts the DC into high-frequency AC and provides it to the transformer for voltage transformation, so as to produce one or more groups of voltage!

There is a door in the electric power switch. The power supply passes as soon as the door is opened and stops as soon as the door is closed. So what is a door? Some of the switching power supplies use thyristors and some use switching tubes. The performance of these two components is almost the same. They both complete the conduction and cut-off by adding pulse signals to the base, (switching tube) control electrode (thyristor).

When the pulse signal arrives at half a cycle, the voltage on the control pole increases, the switch tube or thyristor will be turned on, and the 300V voltage output after 220V rectification and filtering will be turned on, which will be transmitted to the secondary through the switch transformer, and then the voltage will be increased or reduced through the transformation ratio for the work of each circuit.