Introduction to the classification of electric power switch

The electric power switch uses electronic switching devices to make the electronic switching devices "on" and "off" continuously through the control circuit, so that the electronic switching devices can pulse-modulate the input voltage, so as to realize DC/AC, DC/DC Voltage conversion, as well as adjustable output voltage and automatic voltage regulation.

According to the way the switching devices are connected in the circuit, the switching power supply can be roughly divided into three categories: series switching power supply, parallel switching power supply, and transformer switching power supply.

Among them, the transformer switching power supply can be further divided into: push-pull type, half-bridge type, full-bridge type, etc.; according to the excitation of the transformer and the phase of the output voltage, it can be further divided into: forward excitation, flyback, single excitation There are many types, such as type and dual-excitation type; if it is divided into use, it can be divided into more types.