How to choose the socket of the house, please refer to the following

A low-quality Socket may crack and turn yellow after two or three years, which is unsafe and unpleasant. Therefore, the Socket must be selected in one step.
① Choose brand
Therefore, regarding the choice of switch sockets, you must choose well-known brands, and don't consider small brands.
② Choose the style
In home decoration, the switch socket selected must be in harmony with the overall decoration style, otherwise it looks very abrupt.
③ Look at the sign
A good quality switch socket must have a safety certification mark and a unique code, so you must be careful when choosing it.
④ Look at the material
At present, the mainstream switch socket panel is made of PC material, which has strong flame retardancy, anti-wear and anti-aging, rich in color but not easy to change color; in addition, there are nylon materials and ABS materials, but the flame retardancy is a little worse, and they are also easy to change color when exposed to the air for a long time. .
⑤ Look at the internal structure
Finally, look at the internal structure of the socket, generally copper/phosphor bronze is the current-carrying part, which has good elasticity, strong conductivity, and high stability, and there is less short-circuit spontaneous combustion.