What should be paid attention to when choosing a distribution box

The distribution box should pay attention to the following problems, so it can be better selected!
(1) In places where the relative humidity does not exceed 75%, and there is no dust, no corrosive gas or vapor, and no flammable and explosive substances, the low-voltage distribution box can be an open type.
(2) The protective type should be selected in the special humid place with the relative humidity close to 100% and the place with corrosive gas or steam.
(3) Dust-proof distribution boxes should be selected for dusty places that can generate a large amount of dust.
(4) Dust-proof type should be selected in H-1 and H-2 fire hazard places with combustible liquid, suspended or accumulated combustible dust or combustible fiber; in H-3 fire hazard with solid combustible materials In hazardous locations, protection type is optional.
(5) Selection in explosive hazardous locations.