How to choose the switch socket?|china electrical socket with switch manufacturers

china electrical socket with switch manufacturers

In home decoration, in addition to considering the overall style, layout, launching, ventilation and other issues, special attention should be paid to the layout of the switch sockets at home.
Switch socket type
There are many types of switch sockets, which are divided into single-opening, double-opening, three-opening, four-opening, and five-hole single-opening according to their functions. Three-hole sockets, four-hole sockets, and five-hole sockets are commonly used in home improvement.
How to choose a switch socket
The switch socket may seem inconspicuous, but it affects the living experience in the future to a large extent. A high-quality switch is safe to use and can be used for more than ten years.
On the contrary, a low-quality switch may crack and turn yellow after two or three years, which is unsafe and unpleasant. Therefore, the switch must be selected in one step. So, in the face of numerous switches, how to choose?
① Choose brand
Therefore, regarding the choice of switch sockets, you must choose well-known brands, and don't consider small brands. Among many brands, I love JUNON Switch, not only the appearance is online, but the quality, details, and touch are also well-known.
② Choose the style
In home decoration, the switch socket selected must be in harmony with the overall decoration style, otherwise it looks very abrupt.
③ Look at the sign
Good quality switch sockets must bear the "CCC" and "CCEE" safety certification marks, and have a unique code, so you must be careful when selecting them.
④ Look at the material
At present, the mainstream switch socket panel is made of PC material, which has strong flame retardancy, anti-wear and anti-aging, rich in color but not easy to change color; in addition, there are nylon materials and ABS materials, but the flame retardancy is a little worse, and they are also easy to change color when exposed to the air for a long time. .
⑤ Look at the internal structure
Finally, look at the internal structure of the socket, generally copper/phosphor bronze is the current-carrying part, which has good elasticity, strong conductivity, and high stability, and there is less short-circuit spontaneous combustion.
Brass has high hardness but is not wear-resistant and has poor resilience; copper has good conductivity and plasticity, but its strength and hardness are poor.