Switch socket design strategy | 2 Gang Switch Socket

2 Gang Switch Socket

In house decoration, it is inevitable to consider the point design of the socket. If the installation in the later position is unreasonable, it will affect our use. At that time, we will move the plug-in board everywhere in the house, like a spider web, there will be corresponding safety hazards, so , We have to consider a lot when we carry out the point design. Today, the editor will take you to understand the key points of the indoor space point design.
The main points of the design of the entrance point:
(1) Reserved sockets: Five-hole misplaced sockets are reserved in the hallway, which is convenient for future use of the smart shoe cabinet.
(2) USB socket: in conjunction with the front of the entrance, a USB socket is added, which can be used for charging through the data cable at any time.
(3) One-button switch setting: Turn off indoor lighting facilities with one button after extinguishing, in case one light is forgotten to turn off.
(4) Dual-control switch: The dual-control switch does not require fixed-point control lights, and is convenient to use, more flexible than the single-control switch, avoiding the trouble of long-distance fumbling for the switch after going home at night.

Key points of the design of the living room and dining room:
(1) Living room TV combination socket: There are switches and buttons to switch the power supply freely, and the strong and weak currents are reasonably arranged to prevent interference and avoid the problem of height difference when installing a single switch socket.
(2) Misplaced five-hole sockets on both sides of the sofa: You can plug in the lamps on both sides, or you can lie on the sofa and watch the phone on the side of the battery to ensure sufficient spacing.
(3) Add a USB socket: it can be used for charging through the data cable at any time in conjunction with the TV countertop or the dining table.
(4) The design of the five-hole socket on the dining table: You can entertain friends and relatives with an electric hot pot at any time.
(5) Dual control switch: no longer fix a point to control a light, easy to use, more flexible than single control.

Key points of bedroom design:
(1) Socket anti-electric door design: it is safer to wipe, and the panel is easier to take care of.
(2) Five-hole misplaced socket: The misplaced space resource utilization is good, and the two-pin and three-pin plugs can be used at the same time without crossing.
(3) USB socket beside the bed: A socket with USB is designed beside the bed, and the mobile phone can be charged without a plug.
(4) Dual control switch: Dual control will no longer worry about turning off the lights when you get out of bed.

Key points of bathroom design:
(1) The water heater has a five-hole socket with a switch, which can be used as a key switch to prevent the plug from being pulled out at high frequency.
(2) There is a switch socket on the toilet seat to facilitate the installation of the smart toilet cover in the future.
(3) Splash-proof box: Protect the information socket from the influence of moisture in a humid environment, and prevent water droplets from leaking into the socket system.

Key points of kitchen design:
(1) Splash-proof box design: protect the socket from moisture in a humid environment and prevent water droplets from penetrating into the socket.
(2) Socket with switch: One-button switch can prevent the plug from being unplugged at high frequency, and can avoid accidents caused by wet hands.
(3) Combination information socket in the kitchen: independent control switch, freely open and close, rotating plug, more convenient to use.