JUNON Switch Assists Returned Employees In Nucleic Acid Testing

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the epidemic situation is one after another, which has not been completely eliminated. According to the requirements of relevant government documents, we should make a good deployment of epidemic prevention work for the returned personnel, that is, the returned personnel need to return home with the negative results of effective nucleic acid test of new coronavirus within 7 days.

JUNON Switch in order to let the staff return home smoothly, reunite with their families, happy new year. JUNON Switch company contacted the hospital and arranged for doctors to do nucleic acid test for the employees today.


During the whole nucleic acid testing process, JUNON Switch staff cooperated with doctors in an orderly manner, and the whole process was completed in an hour.

JUNON Switch company's intimate move provides convenience for returning employees and makes them feel the warmth of JUNON Switch family!