JUNON Switch Won Top Ten Electrical Brands

JUNON Switch won "top ten electrical brands"

With the end of 2020,JUNON Switch once again won the "top 10 electrician brands" with his own strength. This time, the organizer was the 7th "bright Award" ceremony held by Nanhai District lighting industry association of Foshan City. The "bright Award", a grand ceremony with the core concept of "transmitting brand value with light", has been set up to recognize the enterprises and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of China's lighting industry in the year of 2020 when the epidemic is raging, so as to encourage, protect, enhance and create brands. Meanwhile, it forecasts the development situation of China's lighting industry in 2021 Awards.


Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., with its high-quality products and good service, has been selected by more than 30000 lighting and lighting electrical enterprises, 30 outstanding entrepreneurs and 109 powerful brands in China! Won the "top ten electrical brands" award! This is the recognition of the society and the trust of our customers. In the future, JUNON Switch company will stick to its original intention to research, develop, create and produce high-quality products, so as to provide a meager force for protecting the household electricity safety of the majority of users.

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