JUNON Switch In Ali Training Camp For 2 Days

On 26th-27th of Nov. , Alibaba organized a training course on operating system, with only 20 enterprises. JUNON Switch is lucky to be one of the enterprises to participate in this training course for free.

The two-day training focuses on the following points. Including the skills of boutique release, window product optimization, how to improve the transaction rate, how to drain, how to make live broadcast and short video. JUNON's colleagues in charge of backstage operation think that such a training is very helpful to our Alibaba's backstage operation, and also believe that through this training, we will see the effect soon.


It is hoped that Alibaba can hold more similar free open classes in the future, so that JUNON Switch can participate in learning more and apply what they have learned, get more inquiries and get more orders, so that JUNON products switch socket, distribution box, LED lights can be sold to more foreign customers.