JUNON Switch Participates In Public Welfare Activities

It is normal for us to go to the park, but it is very difficult for disabled children! Yesterday morning, JUNON Switch, together with Leliu Young Entrepreneurs Association, Leliu Hexi Rehabilitation Service Center organized 14 disabled family children in the town to carry out the activity of " happiness of parents and children " in Longjiang Tianhu Forest Park, which truly let the disabled children go out of their homes and feel the breath of autumn. At the same time, it also allows the Young Entrepreneurs Association people to spread the love to every corner of society. They may have language barriers, action barriers, or emotional barriers, but they are also eager to be accepted and cared for by the society, hoping that more people can join in the caring and helping the disabled.

JUNON Switch has been caring for public welfare activities for many years. JUNON Switch is not only a leader in good quality products , but also a model of caring for social welfare.